Check it out!

We all need encouragement during these strange times, don’t we? Well, I have something exciting to share!

Fr. Mark Thibodeaux, SJ is one of the spiritual masters of our time and he is offering a free, 30-day at-home retreat entitled, “Ascending with Ignatius.” The retreat will run from April 25 – May 24 but you can check the website and listen at any time. No pre-registration required. 

Ascending with Ignatius Retreat

I hope you will join me on this retreat!

2 thoughts on “Check it out!

  1. Hi Rebecca, today has been an inspiring day for me, having arrived at your blog through dotmagis of the . Your words, a real reflection of your faith journey, are simply inspiring. How blessed are your husband and children to have you in their life!

    What strikes me most is your reference to having read and remained passionate about the life of among the leading Catholic saints in humility. The “Little Way” of St. Therese of Lisieux, for instance, is indeed seen in the life of Pope Francis, the living saint – I agree with you. If all people worldwide took the path of human fraternity, solidarity and compassion which Pope Francis is walking along with, indeed the life of many disadvantaged people would be far much changed for the better by far.

    I serve as Parochial Administrator in a rural-based parish, St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Acumet, in Soroti Catholic Diocese, Uganda. Even before the Covid-19 pandemic exposed our human fragility, our people here have been and may still be disadvantaged because of the many many inhuman troubles they have lived through and still resound now. Internal wars, political unrest, anthropological poverty, illiteracy, human sacrifices, witchcraft and sorcery, unemployment, religious bigotry, environmental erosion among others have made our evangelizing mission as pastors very challenging. We must constantly be at the heartbeat of prayer and social education. So when you refer to the Ignatian Spirituality, which I have been tuned to in my 8 years now as a priest, I remain filled with joy. Yes, my heart rejoices because our faith has a rich heritage of various schools of spirituality that have shaped thousands of saints. May the Jesuits be blessed in helping and inspiring many more people for which we are witnesses!


    Fr. Samuel Okiria.

    1. Hi Fr. Samuel,

      Thank you so much for your kind words and for taking the time to write. Please excuse my delay in responding as I have been away and without internet service.

      I agree with you. If everyone heeded Pope Francis’ Christ-like example and his compassionate words, words which challenge every person to recognize the dignity in each and every other individual on earth and our commonality as children of God, which makes us one family, our world would be a very different place, wouldn’t it? Truly, that would be the Kingdom on earth and it’s a vision worth striving for! AMDG!

      Please be assured of my prayers for you as you live out your call. I will pray too for all of your parish community at St. Francis of Assisi.


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