Such love

Holy Week Reflection on the Anima Christi – Tuesday of Holy Week

Corpus Christi, salve me. Body of Christ, save me.

On Palm Sunday, Pope Francis reminded us that, “By taking on the ‘form of a slave,’ Jesus shows us that true humility is expressed in service to others, and consists of stripping and emptying oneself of worldliness so as to make room for God.”  Jesus gave us the ultimate example of humility and selfless love when he emptied his entire life in sacrifice for us. He loves us so completely that he gave all and continues to give all every day in the Sacrament of Communion. He’s always there, always completely and totally giving of Himself.

Our God is a God of relationship. Sometimes we take for granted the fact that Jesus took on flesh and lived as a human in a body. In so doing, he taught us how to live and behave in our own bodies and in our human relationships.  We read in the Gospel account this week that as the time of His passion approached, “He was deeply troubled.” He was so troubled that He would shed tears of blood in the Garden of Gethsemane – that’s some real emotion!  He experienced all of the human emotions that we also experience (although he never sinned). So, whatever we are feeling, we can bring it to Him and He will understand.

Jesus, help me to make room for you in my life and in my heart. Help me to trust you and grow in humility through you. Help me to appreciate and accept your sacrifice of love for me.  

Listen: “What Love is This” by Kari Jobe

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